Since January 2009 this site no longer tracks Fleet 20 activities.

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Catalina 22 National Sailing Association    •   Columbia River All Catalina Association


About Fleet 20

Fleet 20 was chartered by the Catalina 22 National Sailing Association ( in 1973 and is a family-style cruising and class racing fleet. With over 15,500 boats built since 1969, and the hull still in production, the Catalina 22 remains a sensible, low-cost means of cruising and racing.

Cruising. The fleet sails day and overnight cruises to harbors and anchorages along the Columbia River. Since the Catalina 22 is so trailerable, annual cruises to the San Juan Islands, Canadian Gulf Islands, Puget Sound, and many of the region’s lakes are common activities of fleet members.

Racing. Fleet 20 has an active racing program centered around the SYSCO Spring and Summer Series, and the SYSCO One-Design Regatta. Members interested in racing are encouraged to join the Small Yacht Sailing Club of Oregon (SYSCO), where Catalina 22’s race as Fleet H2. SYSCO members have their race entry fees for SYSCO events automatically covered by their annual SYSCO dues. For Fleet 20 members who don’t wish to join SYSCO, participation in the racing events is still possible by paying a per event entry fee.

Columbia River sailboat racing in the Portland/Vancouver area is coordinated by the Oregon Corinthian Sailing Association (OCSA). Members of OCSA receive an OCSA Race Booklet (includes schedules and race announcements), OCSA Course Chart, special notices, and event invitations as a part of membership. Membership in OCSA is not a requirement to race in local events.

Opportunities to learn about sailboat racing by crewing on another member’s boat are always available.

Social Activities. Fleet 20 has social gatherings both on and off the water. During the sailing season there are cruises, picnics and potlucks for sharing camaraderie, experiences and techniques. In the winter, we try to schedule “Land Cruises” and other social gatherings so that we can keep in touch during the off-season.

Your Benefits As A Member Are:

  • Active fleet camaraderie
  • Fleet social activities
  • Exchange ideas about maintenance, rigging, cruising, and racing your Catalina 22
  • Fleet organized day and overnight cruises
  • Fleet newsletter

Joining the Fleet is very simple, all you have to do is send a membership form to our Fleet Captain and you will become a full-fledged member of Fleet 20.